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Sep 2, 2011

Message Center From Game Pieces...

Recently I picked up a vintage table game that had the best little pieces inside.  Check out this board with hooks to hang letter tiles. It's just great for sign making.  I hung a little Christmas ornament 
as adornment - but the possibilities are endless.  
Think menu, advent calendar, memo board, greeting sign, 
quote a bible verse,  to-do list, and on and on.  The square holes 
are 'open' -  but it would be simple to mount this to a board 
and cover the back with fabric or paper.
 As much as I adore this piece - I don't seem to have the 
right spot for it right now.  So it's going in my 
Etsy shop for someone else to enjoy...
Get more fun ideas over at Inspiration Friday.

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