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Jun 29, 2011

It's White!

The time has come... time to make a change.  We've had our 
vehicle for 10 years or more.  It's dying!  
So, here's the replacement...
Taken at dusk
It's a long story why we chose this particular vehicle 
(a Chevy HHR by the way).  Let's just say - it met our needs.  
It wasn't exactly our first choice and we wouldn't have chosen 
white - but here she is and we're thankful for her.  I have to admit I've referred to her as The White Hearse - but hopefully I'll feel more adoration in a few weeks.  She is much fun to drive!
Just have to link to White Wednesday


Joani said...

Congrats on your new purchase of the HHR. I've heard people refer to it as a mini-hearse. I probably didn't get one a few years back because of that but now I wish I had of. I have a white PT cruiser that I just don't like the seat in. Thanks for sharing.

Jillian's Bella Rosa Antiques said...

Oh Wow! I would not have pictured you with it but I think you are going to love it! I didn't like my car in white at first but now I like it very much!!!

ENJOY and congrats on such a biggie purchase.

Delores Weaver said...

White is great - I like it. And looks like lots of room for all the bargains. Do the seats lay down? My Volvo wagon seats lay down and I've used it lots of times for garage sale bargains and lots of other stuff. Elvin says if you referred to it as a "he" it will be easier to maintain.


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