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Dec 23, 2010

Routines...(a thrifty tip)

(Warning:  A strange, lack of Christmas post ahead)

I'm not a lover of routines - you know the kind; 
the trash needs to be emptied every night, 
the fish need fed twice a day, etc.  
One routine I've eliminated is watering houseplants.  
I still water them - but not as a 'routine'.  
Most mornings when I wake up - I find half empty glasses of water scattered throughout the house from the evening before. 
I simply use these (when there are some) to water my plants - trying to keep in mind which ones I watered last.  The plants still all get watered regularly- but I don't have a 'plant watering routine'.  And, I'm saving lots of water.  Call me crazy - but this works for me!
Close-up of my Asparagus Fern (I think).

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