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Nov 6, 2010

Saturday Sightings

Found the neatest old stone houses in an area I was in today...  I could just move in!  Gotta love the countryside of PA.

This one is actually for sale!


cindy @ cottage instincts said...

I love old stone houses too. My folks are from PA (Indiana PA and Pittsburgh), so when we used to go visit Gram, I always noticed the stone homes. Many had the green trim around the windows too.

Hubs' family is from Upstate NY, and there's a lot of stone homes there too. So pretty!

Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

Thanks for commenting Cindy! You just can't beat old stone houses. Although I'm not sure how fun they are to heat!

Jillian said...

Pennsy has some fabulous history... we love just discovering new places too. Looks like I've missed some posts...must go read them now!

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